Case study

Beckerbillett ticketing system

Ticketing solution for one of the largest providers in Europe


Entertainment, Tourism


Germany, Europe

Business Models:


Contributed Competencies:

Business analysis, Software development

Success Factors:

Development and design


Beckerbillett – The expert for ticketing solutions in Germany

Beckerbillett is an established company with decades of experience in the German ticketing market. They offer comprehensive ticketing solutions for leisure and cultural venues such as museums, zoos, amusement parks and many more. Their offerings range from high-quality printed tickets and access control hardware to innovative ticketing and visitor management software.

Digital transformation

Beckerbillett has been in an intensive process of digital transformation for three years. This started with a small internal development team, but they were under enormous pressure due to rising customer expectations and the surge in online sales during the pandemic. To overcome this challenge, our customer sought external expertise and support.


The first obstacle was the breadth and complexity of the offering, which includes hardware, software and services and requires extensive software support. After initial difficulties with the previous partner, the customer was looking for a company that not only provides qualified specialists, but also advises on the entire digital transformation process. DevelopX provided experienced staff and much-needed know-how. The main task was to work on and improve an active system that was already suffering from increased user traffic during the pandemic. Our team repaired parts of the system and developed and added numerous new features according to customer requirements. This has all been achieved with the understanding that the system remains online at all times and avoids downtime.

DevelopX solution

Ticketing solution for one of the largest providers in Europe

Our approach

  • Economic analysis
  • Establishment of a digital transformation process
  • Design of a complete solution including DDD
  • Software development

Technologies used

  • NET 6
  • C#
  • DDD
  • Event sourcing
  • Unit Test
  • Anbieter in Europa

Our result

  • No downtimes
  • repaired and rewritten parts of the system
  • New functionalities always within the business needs

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Managing Partner

Konrad Hintermair

Contact us About Konrad

Konrad is one of the founders of DevelopX and leads the company as Managing Partner. He founded DevelopX in 2019 as a partner of TruVenturo, one of Europe’s leading company builders in the digital space. Prior to founding DevelopX, Konrad was responsible for founding and scaling several tech startups at TruVenturo and realized several successful exits.

After studying materials science, Konrad worked for several years as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company in Hamburg, advising companies in the manufacturing, high tech and chemicals sectors. Konrad holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and lives in Hamburg.

As an engineer and passionate entrepreneur, Konrad works with companies in the energy, industrials and logistics sectors and advises our private equity clients in due diligence or portfolio optimization.

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