Case study

Carbon Footprint App

Building a sustainability app


Regenerative Business


Germany, Europe

Business Models:

B2C Carbon Footprint App

Contributed Competencies:

Requirements engineering, Software engineering, UX/UI design

Success Factors:

Brand-building, Strong user orientation


Sustainable consumption – CO² footprint tracking for your pocket

In today’s society, we are placing more and more emphasis on consuming more sustainably and tracking our own consumption patterns. However, most of society does not even know how certain products and activities affect their own environmental footprint. To address this knowledge gap, a German energy producer has built a platform for end consumers as part of its sustainability strategy to help users live more sustainably and consciously. In cooperation with DevelopX, a company was founded to develop an app in which the user can compare the CO² emissions of different products and activities and acquire further knowledge about a more sustainable everyday life. At the same time, the user should also be able to track his own carbon footprint.

DevelopX solution

Design and development of a sustainability app

Our approach

  • Development of a business model and a long-term strategy
  • Foundation of a limited liability company
  • Establishment of an experienced developer team
  • Securing adequate funding through fundraising
  • Conceptualization of a design and key features
  • Development of a Minimum Viable Product
  • Developing user personas, conducting market analysis and feature preference surveys​
  • Providing an interim manager with many years of experience in founding and building startups

Our added value

  • Launch of an app for Android and Apple users in 2021
  • Features such as display of a personal carbon footprint, carbon offset option, and carbon saving tips
  • Rating of 4.4 stars in the App Store

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Managing Partner

Konrad Hintermair

Contact us About Konrad

Konrad is one of the founders of DevelopX and leads the company as Managing Partner. He founded DevelopX in 2019 as a partner of TruVenturo, one of Europe’s leading company builders in the digital space. Prior to founding DevelopX, Konrad was responsible for founding and scaling several tech startups at TruVenturo and realized several successful exits.

After studying materials science, Konrad worked for several years as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company in Hamburg, advising companies in the manufacturing, high tech and chemicals sectors. Konrad holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and lives in Hamburg.

As an engineer and passionate entrepreneur, Konrad works with companies in the energy, industrials and logistics sectors and advises our private equity clients in due diligence or portfolio optimization.