Case study

Smart Electricity Provider

Conception of a smart electricity provider




Germany, Europe

Business Models:

Green Power Provider

Contributed Competencies:

Product & brand design, Requirements engineering, UX/UI design

Success Factors:

Future-oriented, Sustainability


Sustainability – from the socket

The social trend to consume more sustainably and to trace the origin of the products consumed has increased particularly in recent years. This applies in particular to the purchase of electricity. Since the use of fossil fuels contributes significantly to the release of greenhouse gases and thus to global warming, the demand for electricity generated from renewable energies is increasing. In this context, a regional electricity provider intends to develop a B2C Smart Energy solution to serve this target group and to open up a new source of revenue. In this context, it is planned to position an independent company that will be built up and scaled independently from the parent company.

DevelopX solution

Design and implementation of the first sustainable green energy provider

Our approach

  • Development of business vision and initial core hypotheses for the smart energy business
  • Trend, investment, market and user analyses
  • Development of a quantitative business case
  • Business and monetization model with different development scenarios
  • Design of a first mockup and low-fidelity prototype
  • Generate economic feasibility and potential customer impressions
  • Definition of brand strategy as well as go-to-market strategy and execution roadmap and elaboration of launch scenario

Our added value

  • Core product with 100% sustainable and transparent green electricity
  • USP of the first charitable green power provider to differentiate from competitors

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Managing Partner

Konrad Hintermair

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Konrad is one of the founders of DevelopX and leads the company as Managing Partner. He founded DevelopX in 2019 as a partner of TruVenturo, one of Europe’s leading company builders in the digital space. Prior to founding DevelopX, Konrad was responsible for founding and scaling several tech startups at TruVenturo and realized several successful exits.

After studying materials science, Konrad worked for several years as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company in Hamburg, advising companies in the manufacturing, high tech and chemicals sectors. Konrad holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona and lives in Hamburg.

As an engineer and passionate entrepreneur, Konrad works with companies in the energy, industrials and logistics sectors and advises our private equity clients in due diligence or portfolio optimization.