Real estate

New ways are needed in the construction and real estate industry

The market in the real estate sector is clouding over.

  • The seller’s market is turning into a buyer’s market as the affordability of real estate declines due to rising interest rates.
  • Rising prices for building materials reduce construction activity.
  • High personnel costs due to shortage of skilled workers hamper new construction, conversion and refurbishment projects.
  • Rising energy costs and new requirements for energy-efficient refurbishment are presenting buyers and property owners with new planning and financial challenges.
  • There is a demographic change among real estate investors. Younger buyers in particular are dominating the real estate market in Germany today and attaching importance to sustainability.

All of this is causing the PropTech industry to flourish with young innovative start-ups and products, and profit pools are shifting from established players to new ones.

The question arises: How can the real estate business align itself with the new market realities or even profit from them?


Around 1500 start-ups are already active in the PropTech sector in Europe. Rising trend.


In 2023, there were about 30% fewer building permits for apartments in Germany than in comparable months in 2022.


70% of investors looking for a suitable investment property last year were between 27 and 42 years old.

Opportunities through new technologies

Digital energy transition

Digital solutions ensure efficient planning, implementation and maintenance for energy refurbishment and the sector coupling of energy and heat.

Digital material flow management

Increasing the reuse of building materials by digitally coupling material suppliers, recyclers, logistics providers and landfills.

Smart-home networking

New networking of many real estate areas through sensor technology enables more efficient, secure and comfortable solutions around living and new data-driven business models.

Realtor 2.0

Seamless digital customer journeys in home buying reach young target groups with purchasing power, reduce bureaucracy and make real estate purchases (almost) as easy as online shopping.

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Peter has been working in corporate business building for 10 years. Before joining DevelopX, he gained entrepreneurial experience as a founder of several start-ups, including in the graphics and development space. He worked as a venture partner at one of the leading corporate venture builders, where he developed and launched several digital companies. He started his professional career at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) advising international banks, construction groups on strategic issues.

Peter studied History and Fine Arts at the universities of Mainz and Yale. At DevelopX, he focuses on the energy, construction and agricultural sectors.